My Approach

My approach to nutrition is very simple, I am conscious about how I eat, what I eat and maintaining a balanced nutritious diet. I aim to eat as clean a diet as possible, avoiding refined sugars, processed meats and overloading my body with alcohol and salt.

Eating a more balanced and healthy diet leaves me feeling more energised, more mentally and physically alert and assist in me maintaining a strong, lean physique.

In the past I have often found cooking laborious but since cooking healthier food, it has inspired me to create and try my own recipes, whilst also learning and equipping myself with knowledge on what and how to eat to get the best from my body.

Obviously this is hard to maintain 100% of the time so if I do have a slice of birthday cake or a glass of wine I don’t feel guilty!  It’s important in my mind to enjoy yourself on occasion.

niix Nutrition

At niix we want you to feel confident and inspired to cook with good, nutritious food so that is why I am working with some of the best nutritional experts around who I hope will inspire you as much as they do me. I will be bringing you their fantastic recipes and meal plans for you and your families to enjoy. At niix, it’s about fun, tasty and easy to make dishes that are packed with goodness, vitamins and minerals and making use of healthy ingredients that fuse together with minimal fuss.

I do believe in treats, we can’t be perfect all of the time! When I can I aim to make my own healthy but even more delicious options. So at niix we have some unbelievably delicious treats which taste even better than they look and are easy to make.

You can also read niix blogs to learn more about staying, eating and living healthy.


Lily Soutter

I am so proud and excited to have collaborated with Lily Soutter Health writer and nutritionist for the launch of niix. You can read our blogs to hear what we’ve been up to. Everyone who subscribes to niix will receive Lily’s meal plans by email which I feel perfectly epitomise my own style and philosophy, which we very much hope you and your families will enjoy.