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Strength, fitness and vitality for women over 40. niix programmes mix Pilates with cardio work to achieve great results in as little as 10 mins a day. 121 personal training on your smartphone anywhere that suits you, no props needed

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niix philosophy

It’s never too late. All women over 40 can be as fit and strong as ever, despite changing bodies and busier lives. You can resist, by making specific changes to habit and technique with profound impact. Niix will show you how.

Our Programmes

10 years studio experience go into our programmes. Video and audio classes that guide you through your very own fitness journey, building strength and stamina, while toning and sculpting. Gain expert knowledge on technique and how to exercise safely for the long term.


Understanding how your body works is important when it comes to exercising effectively. niix is passionate about teaching technique and knowledge as well as routines, guaranteeing the best results.


With over 130 different exercises within the programmes, there’s plenty of opportunity to put the techniques you’ve learnt into practise. Improve your strength and fitness by incorporating niix routines into your everyday lifestyle.


Looking for motivation or advice? niix enables you to share and enhance your fitness journey and celebrate success along the way.

Why choose niix?

niix specifically helps women over 40 keep their bodies strong and safe for life.

The niix method comes from ten years’ hands-on studio experience with hundreds of women aged 38 to 75.

niix programmes are made up of guided sessions that teach as well as train leading to better body awareness, better technique and better habits.

Every niix session fuses Pilates and cardio fitness exercises in an intelligent way to deliver proven outcomes.

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