Technique, technique, technique.


21st June 2017

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I’m a stickler for technique. For me, there is no point in working out if you are firstly not doing the right exercise for your end goal and secondly and most importantly, you are not doing the exercise correctly.  This can lead to not feeling or seeing the benefits of exercising and worse of all, injury.

I often see clients who have been exercising and/or practicing Pilates for many years but feel they are either not getting the desired effect or when they join my classes, say they are feeling things they have never felt before….not like that!  And the reason why – because technique is key to working yourself harder.

Every exercise has a reason and is generally there to work an area of the body.  There is no point banging out 50 curl ups if you are rocking and rolling in your pelvis….however fun that sounds!

Top Tips


    • When you are doing an exercise think about which part of the body you are working and really focus on activating the movement from that area.


    • Nearly all exercises should be performed from a strong centre. So that means zipping up your pelvic floor and connecting your abdominals. Avoid puffing out your abdominals when you activate them – this is not engaging your core!


    • If in doubt you can access my demo videos once you have subscribed which will demonstrate and talk you through each step.


    • Don’t do an exercise if you are unsure how to do it and what it is for. Watch the demo and listen out for key pointers.


    • You can always adapt an exercise to suit your body. We don’t all have the same strength and flexibility, so make a few changes.


The main thing is to have fun when you exercise and to get the results you want.  By focusing on technique I really believe you will be pleasantly surprised. All niix programmes help to build strength and better posture.

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