Snacking tips!


19th June 2017

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We all have moments when you feel the need for a quick snack to fill the gap between meals. I am a grazer by nature and would love nothing more than to snack all day!

Generally, it is recommended we have three meals a day with an added healthy snack once or twice a day but we are not perfect and on occasion we have a weak point and want to reach for something that is less nutritious (Snickers bar anyone!)

Below are some of my tips to healthy but easy and tasty snack options to have at the ready, to avoid the mid-afternoon slump or school run snackathon:

  • Sliced, diced and washed fruit ready to go. If I’m feeling naughty I will add a teaspoon of dark chocolate spread…..who am I kidding that’s most of the time!

  • Green beans or Broccoli with garlic and chili. Steam up (al dente) a large bunch, stir fry with garlic and chili, cool and keep in a glass container in the fridge.

  • Half an avocado drizzled with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

  • Large (!) rice cake with a small dollop (if a dollop can be small) of Almond nut butter

  • NUTS…and seeds! Not the roasted peanut but macadamia, walnut, almond, sunflower seed etc. Unfortunately, a giant handful won’t do but 6-10 will hopefully fill the gap.

Don’t beat yourself up if you occasionally allow yourself a chocolate delight or scoff a few of the kids Haribos. Being completely restrictive will only lead to over indulging and then feeling negative.



Drinking water takes the edge of cravings.  Often we think we are hungry but we may actually be thirsty. The same part of your brain interprets hunger and thirst so grab a glass of water first before reaching for a snack. It really does work.

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