Making the Leap!


15th October 2018

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Prior to training as a Pilates teacher over 10 years ago, I had a very different career in Media. My last job was a Digital Marketing position for Warner Brothers; Movies, TV & DVD (DVD’s – that’s how long ago it was!). It was fun, fast paced, glamorous and rewarding but something that I felt I couldn’t sustain or do to the best of my ability post children.  Having always been into fitness and having practised Pilates alongside running and other fitness, I decided that I was going to take the leap and retrain as a Pilates instructor.  I was already passionate about Pilates having seen how beneficial it had been to my own body.  Pilates had had made me stronger, more toned, faster at running and given me an overall feeling of body confidence & wellbeing along with physical and mental strength.
I won’t lie. Making the move was challenging.  Juggling a very young daughter, having feelings of doubt about myself, lack of income and continuous doubts about whether I had made the right decision to leave a job I had loved. BUT after the first day of walking into the studio where I trained, I never looked back.  It has given me new confidence and belief in myself which I didn’t have before.  I truly believe this comes from having a real passion for what I do and I am very lucky to LOVE what I do.  Helping people through teaching Pilates & fitness whether it is rehabilitation after injury, post natal recover and fitness, general strength and toning, improving athletic ability or over all fitness, is more rewarding than I ever imagined.  I hope and believe I am really supporting, educating and changing peoples bodies through my teaching.I have also learnt that you never stop learning and continue to expand my knowledge through continuous training. Something that I really enjoy.
Making a career change often means investing your time & money, so being clear of where you want to go next is important.  Below are 5 tips that I found helpful:
1. Decide if you actually need a career change: Do you just need to find a new job in the same industry or do you feel a real change is necessary.
2. List occupations that appeal to you or that you are passionate about and research them.
3. Talk to people in those industries to get a genuine insight and understand the pros and cons.
4. Try to narrow down your list and research where to train if you need to retrain.
5. Choose an industry/course and commit fully.  Don’t go in half hearted. See training as a job before you are qualified.
It can feel very daunting changing your career but if you focus and commit fully it can be the best move you’ve made.  I believe we have more than one career in us….maybe I have one or two more?!

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