How to stay in the right frame of mind through uncertain times


16th March 2020

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Dr Chloe Mitchell

Psychologist and Coach

With the frenzy of stock piling and fighting for the last long-life milk or toilet roll there is no better time to avoid the crowds and start exercising at home if you don’t already.

And whilst we know that exercise alone has many benefits for you physically and physiologically, we wanted to share some advice about we can prepare mentally with the stress and anxiety what’s to come.

We are all aware we need to wash our hands and keep our distance from one another to stop the spread of the virus, but whilst we are physically preparing for the situation by stock piling and avoiding unnecessary travel, what are we doing for our minds to help them stay healthy over the next few months? We thought this might help.

Here are 9 things you can do to help you stay in the right frame of mind through the Coronavirus crisis. These tips are from our resident chartered psychologist, Dr Chloe Mitchell, who you might recognise as she helped steer us through the difficult Christmas period.


  1. Choose which sources you will receive information from

There are a lot of fake news stories out there and lots of spreading of misinformation regarding . So it is important to…

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