Happy Mother’s Day!


18th March 2020

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Earlier this month we were lucky enough to spend the day with 10 fantastic women who gave us a really great insight on juggling life as a busy mum! Mum’s are the best aren’t they? Who else would do cook you delicious Sunday dinners, pick you up every time you fall, be a constant shoulder to cry on and still fuss and worry about you long after you’ve grown up and left home?

We asked our lovely niix women how they manage to juggle it all…

Nikki – I have 1 daughter although I work part time as well. The secret is to plan, plan, plan. For example for insta, I take several photos at one time and then just upload them as and when. I set everything up the night before. It’s good for mental health to be organised etc. I don’t live in real time, despite what my insta feed shows!

Sallyanne – It’s all about planning for me too. I have to do exercise as it keeps you sane. I am a morning person though, so that helps.

Becky – Exercise makes you feel so good once you’ve done it. But honestly, I don’t manage to fit it all in! I have recently started to get some help with work, which is a game changer for me.

Kripa – Did you know that multitasking is detrimental to mental health? When you multitask it builds up stress levels. You need to do single tasks. Do 10mins for emails, for example and if you haven’t finished them then, too bad, move on to your next task and just focus on that. I now do this and have really noticed the difference. I don’t put myself under mental pressure now. I also use ‘Later’ for social media scheduling which is fab. (Others hadn’t heard of this and were v interested).

Sallyanne – I am old school and I love my desk planner!

Lucy– Planning is key and doing sport for me is my time which I do when kids at school.

We also asked them how they manage when their plans go awry (as let’s face it life happens!)

Lucy – It’s really important not to panic when things go wrong. Just prioritise. Ask yourself, does it really matter if I don’t do this thing now?

Kripa – Have you tried Blinkist? It’s a summary books. They have lots on how to organise your time effectively and one of them (15 ways to be effective?) talks about the importance of planning in time for things to go wrong. It’s true that if we suddenly get some time in our diaries, we waste it. It’s why you need to plan.

They also had some really insightful advice for all you new mums out there…

Becky – Say no to things

Kripa – Don’t be hard on yourself

Lucy – Don’t stress on the little things

Sallyanne – Do what makes you happy

Nikki –  Don’t lose who you are because you are a mum.

Sallyanne- Time with kids goes so fast – can’t believe I now have a daughter going to uni and taking her driving test this week!

Becky  – Time goes so quickly, you need to make time for kids

Sallyanne – I make my kids sit down and talk to me. Especially my son, who isn’t keen to talk! Otherwise I wouldn’t know what was going on in his life. It’s really important.

Nikki – Listen to your kids. What is big to an 8 year old might not be to me, but I need to listen and make sure my daughter knows I am listening.

And finally, we asked our ladies to describe their own mother’s in just 3 words….

Sallyanne – dependable, loving, selfless

Nikki – kind, selfless, talented

Kripa – resilient, strong, confident

Lucy – kind, supportive, very loving



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Happy Mother’s Day!

Earlier this month we were lucky enough to spend the day with 10 fantastic women who gave us a really great insight on juggling life as […]

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