Beautiful Breakfasts


21st September 2017

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Despite breakfast being known as ‘the most important meal of the day’ most mornings a lot of us do not have time to eat breakfast. There are several theories about skipping breakfast leading to weight gain however, all our bodies are different and what works for one won’t work for all. There have been several studies showing the effects that both eating and not eating breakfast has on our bodies.

When you skip breakfast, your body is said to intake less energy from other foods that you eat throughout the day, leaving you tired and irritable. As well as this, skipping breakfast can lead to a lack of concentration, meaning that when you eat breakfast each morning its improving your cognitive function for the day ahead. It’s also been said, that women who eat breakfast are reducing their diabetes risk as breakfast helps to regulate our blood sugar levels.

Eating breakfast is also a great and easy way to get much needed vitamins and minerals into our diets such as zinc and vitamins C & E. One breakfast I love in the mornings is Avocado & Eggs on Toast; it’s full of goodness and can be adapted daily depending on what you fancy! I sometimes add pumpkin seeds, pine nuts, chili flakes or pesto to my eggs in the morning depending on how I feel.

If you find yourself in a rush each morning and don’t find time to make breakfast, why not have yogurt and fruit or try making overnight oats? A small handful of nuts are also a great way to kick off your day. Nuts slowly release energy and are often easy on the gut to digest, they’re a great option for waking up the body whilst balancing the blood sugar levels.

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